What we do

A) Mountain Bike itineraries


Challenging path

Three-day tour with overnight stay along the way. Luggage transport included. Maximum 10 people.

Friday morning.
Departure for La Verna; visit to the Sanctuary; continuation along the Tosco Romagnolo ridge; overnight stay in Badia Prataglia, in a facility equipped for Bikers.
Saturday morning.
Continue to the Arno springs, with overnight stay in Campigna.
Sunday morning.
Continuation of the tour towards Castagno D’Andrea, the valley of the Consuma and return from the Pratomagno.


Middle path

Three excursions:

Friday morning.
Departure for La Verna with a packed lunch; visit to the Sanctuary; return in the evening.
Saturday morning.
Excursion along the Giogaia ridge; return in the evening.
Sunday morning.
Excursion to the charcoal piles with lunch in the Pratomagno meadows; return in the evening.


Two excursions:
Saturday morning.
Sentiero dei Tedeschi with panoramic views from Poggio Scali; return in the evening.
Sunday morning.
Tour of the “race itinerary”: Casentino Bike; return in the evening


B) Road bike itineraries

Tour from Casentino to Chianti in six days

1st day – Camaldoli – The hermitage of Camaldoli – Romena – Poppi Castle.
2nd day – La Verna – San Sepolcro – Anghiari – Arezzo – Bibbiena.
3rd day – Arezzo – Il Borro – Loro Ciuffenna – Talla – Bibbiena.
4th day – San Gimignano – Monteriggioni – San Gimignano.
5th day – Greve in Chianti – Castellina in Chianti – Radda in Chianti – Greve in Chianti.
6th day – Greve in Chianti – Siena.

This tour is followed by a van with a driver and a trolley for bikes.



Conventional Accommodation Facilities

  • • Storage with Washing;
  • • Equipped Area for repairs;
  • • Laundry for technical clothing;
  • • Cyclist Menu;
  • • Meeting room;
  • • Pool.

Clothing: according to the season;
Supply: springs along the route

Bike-School proposal:
A highly qualified staff will organize, on a Mountain Bike or road bike, your tailor-made holiday alone one day up to a week, with overnight stay along the routes or in agreed structures and, in winter, cross-country ski tours or snowshoes.
Travel with a minibus and trolley.
The exits are followed by Instructors S.I.M.B (Italian Mountain Bike School).


Bicycle Lane Map